Reach Your Full Potential with Women

Reach Your Full 
Potential With Women

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Step by Step attraction eBook

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After years of frustration with women, Sami Moa went on to train with the best in the industry and began to coach students from around the world. Sami formed Ministry of Attraction in 2012 as a response to the shortcomings that he felt was missing in the dating & relationships educational space.


We help men from around the world blast through their limiting beliefs and get extraordinary results with women. Offerings include: Bootcamps (weekend infield coaching), Residentials (7-day trainings in the MOA house), and free talks (sold out live seminars). These events take place in most major cities.

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The Mentor Program is for serious and dedicated individuals who seek focused attention and extended mentorship. We’ll work on solving all of your deepest, most personal issues and sticking points. We provide daily feedback and live weekly calls will help us monitor your progress and provide you with guidance toward achieving your goals. 

Every man deserves abundance. Ministry of Attraction helps ordinary men get extraordinary results with women.

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